What is an Ecovillage

On a global level there is today an increasingly urgent need for positive models which demonstrate a viable, sustainable human and planetary future. Ecovillages are one such a model, exploring sustainable life styles not only in environmental but also in social, economic and spiritual terms.

Ecovillage principles can be applied equally to urban and to rural settings and to industrialized and non-industrialised countries.  They address the need for participation in human-scale communities while nurturing and protecting the natural environment.

Ecovillages are communities with strong and vibrant social structures, united by common ecological, economic, social and spiritual values. Working with the simple principle of not taking more away from the Earth than one gives back, ecovillages consciously work towards progressively reducing their ecological footprint.  

"Ecovillages restore, honour and celebrate the four elements and their interconnected
processes in Nature and in people."

They do this by focusing on:

» local food production
» ecological building
» renewable energy systems
reducing, re-using and recycling waste
» cooperative, social economies
inclusive decision-making processes
» cultural and spiritual diversity
» integrated holistic health care
» holistic and 'whole person' education

"Ecovillages are the newest and most potent kind of intentional community.  They unite two profound truths: human life is at its best in small, supportive, healthy communities and the only sustainable path for humanity is in the recovery and refinement of traditional community life."

Dr Robert J Rosenthal, Professor of Philosophy, Hanover College


Findhorn Ecovillage The Park Findhorn IV36 3TZ, Scotland, UK