Our Team

May East

May East is a Brazilian social change activist who has spent the last 30 years working internationally with music, indigenous people, women, anti-nuclear, environmental and sustainable human settlements movements. Based at the UN Habitat Best Practice Designation Findhorn Ecovillage since 1992, May has been leading a whole generation of sustainability educators delivering Gaia Education accredited trainings in 34 countries in the most different stages of development and in both urban and rural contexts. A tireless networker she has played a prominent role in developing relationships between the UN and the Findhorn Ecovillage, culminating in the establishment of CIFAL in 2006. She has a UNITAR diploma on Climate Change Diplomacy and delivers Transition Training since 2008 creating pathways for low-carbon global to regional performance. May has been recently awarded one of the 100 Global SustainAbility Leaders 2011 and again in 2012.

Craig Gibsone
Craig Gibsone was born in Australia on an isolated farm and has been involved with the Findhorn Foundation for the last 44 years contributing to its health and well being both as a leader and  builder of practical organic structures,  passive solar designer and teacher of co-creation with nature. He is also a  potter, painter, permaculturist, musician, and father intergrating ancient wisdom with contempory spiritual ecology.
Jonathan Dawson
Jonathan Dawson is currently Head of Economics at Schumacher College. He is a former President of the Global Ecovillage Network and has twenty years of experience in development work in Africa and South Asia, as a researcher, author, project manager and consultant, working primarily in the field of small enterprise and community economic development.
Daniel Christian Wahl
Daniel Christian Wahl has 14 years of international  experience in sustainability education and consultancy.  Originally trained as a biologist (University of Edinburgh, 1996), he also holds an MSc in Holistic Science (Schumacher College, 2002) and a PhD in Natural Design (University of Dundee, 2006).  He was the director of  Findhorn College between 2007 and 2010.  Daniel is a member of  Gaia Education, the Findhorn Fellowship, the ‘Royal Society for the Arts’ (FRSA) and the International Futures Forum. He now lives on Majorca, and works locally and internationally as an independent sustainability consultant and educator for a range of private companies, civil society organizations, and the local tourism business cluster Balears
Michael Shaw

Michael Shaw's field is ecological design. He is a founding member of The Ecovillage Institute at Findhorn and is a resident Trustee of the Findhorn Foundation. He pioneered the Ten Stones ecovillage and cohousing community with others in Vermont, USA. An engineer by training, he has been involved in all phases of the development and implementation of natural wastewater treatment and bioremediation systems including Restorers since 1989 with Ocean Arks International (OAI). With Dr. John Todd, founder of OAI, he is the author of two wastewater treatment patents.

Alex Walker
Alex Walker is a financial consultant who has advised numerous community and environmental groups in the UK on the subjects of community ownership, renewable energy, and affordable housing. He is chairman of Ekopia Ltd., a community benefit co-operative that raises investment capital for various local projects, a board member of Findhorn Wind Park Ltd. and of Development Trusts Association Scotland and a member of the Moray Housing Partnership.
Gabrielle Haworth Hamm

Gabrielle Haworth Hamm, BSc Sociology with Environmental Studies University of Surrey, was born and raised in Findhorn. After volunteering in Ladakh, India she moved to London to study. While at University she coordinated a student political group, People & Planet  campaigning for better environmental standards and accountability in the University and nationally. She worked as Partnership Manager for OneWorld UK , an International charity based in London using new media innovatively to spread awareness around environmental issues globally. She returned to Findhorn in 2007 to focalise the Ecovillage Experience. Since moving back she has become a youth leader, organising international exchanges as well as empowerment programmes for local young people from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures.

Simon Richards
Simon Richards has been a practicing architect for over 40 years and has spent the last 17 years working at the Findhorn Ecovillage. He was Co-Director of the Field of Dreams development team, and has designed and built over 20 of the communities high specification ecological dwellings. Simon now acts as a consultant advisor to many organisations within the ecovillage and chairs our internal planning committee, Park Planning Group. While currently involved in the development of high specification ecological affordable homes in Scotland, he intends to focus more time on sculpture.
Simon Richards
John Talbott was director of the Ecovillage Project from its inception in 1982 to 2003, facilitating many community meetings and decision making processes in the ongoing development of The Park. John is a professional engineer specialising in green building, renewable energy and infrastructure associated with sustainable communities. He is the author of Simply Build Green, the UK's first technical manual on ecological building and remains committed to Findhorn's Ecovillage as part of the wider global team. Currently living Sydney, Australia with his wife Samantha and 6-year old son Taran, he was recently appointed Project Director of a new ecovillage development, the Narara Ecovillage Co-operative. His work continues to be inspired by the dream 'Gaian villages' - integrated and diverse human ecologies that support and enhance the wider web of life. 


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