Findhorn Wind Park

Our wind energy project started in 1989 when we erected a Vestas V17 75 kW wind turbine. This turbine, named Moya after the Sesotho word for 'wind and spirit', has been extremely successful and reliable, providing about 20% of the electricity needs of the Findhorn Ecovillage. This initial phase was financially successful, repaying the initial investment of £75,000 in approximately five years.

We have now erected three additional second-hand Vestas V29 turbines ('The Three Graces'), each capable of delivering 225kW and giving a total installed capacity of 750 kW. With support from the Scottish Community and Householder Renewable Initiative our planning application was submitted in June 2004, and we received a planning permit in January 2005 after a public hearing. The expansion undertaken by Findhorn Wind Park Ltd has cost £605,000. The project investment came from NFD Ltd (which operated the original turbine), Ekopia Ltd (our development trust) and Caledonia Renewable Energy Co-operative, which is part of the Energy4All group. Construction was completed by DMH Blacksmiths of Inverness in January 2006 and commissioning was completed in the following March.

These additional turbines make us net exporters of electricity. About 50% of the electricity produced is used on-site via our private grid, and the remainder is distributed to the main grid.
Windenergy scotland Wind Generator

Research into the potential for the production and use of hydrogen fuel cells is something we are currently exploring.

In a recent study of the communit's current energy consumption we found we are now using renewable energy for about 28% of our needs. This takes into account the element of hydro power in our current mains supply as well as our own wind turbines' production, the use of firewood for backup and primary heating, and the elements of active and passive solar design in new buildings. The balance still comes largely from fossil fuels. Our goal is to continue to increase the percentage of our ecovillage's energy needs produced from renewable sources.


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