Photographic archive (journey through the past)

It started all in 1962
1963 Eileen, Peter, Dorothy next to the original caravan
ROC - Roc Ogilvie Crombie 1972
The Art Studio's just built in 1971
Pineridge 1972
Carrying one of the beams of the Universal Hall 1974
The construction of the roof of the Universal Hall 1974
The creation of the floor of the Universal Hall 1976
The Caravan Park from the air in 1980
Greenhouse for people 1982
Nature Sanctuary 1985
The first whiskey barrel house 1986
Inside a barrel
A cluster of barrels
Community Centre Extension completed 1988
Recycled paper insulation in eco-house, 1990
Eileen's house 1991
Guest Lodge with Solar Panels 1992
Tree planting on 30th Birthday with Peter, Eileen and Dorothy 1992
Foundations for new co-housing accommodation in Bag End, 1993
More contruction in Bag End
The Village Green 1994
Youth Building on the Village Green 1994
Stuart building dry stone walls 1994
The start of the Living Machine 1995
Inside the Living Machine
A tour of the Living Machine
Earthshare begins 1993
Strawbale House 1995
Bike shed 1996
Purchase of Dunelands 1997
Earthship 1998
First house on Field of Dreams
Field of Dreams 2000


Findhorn Ecovillage The Park Findhorn IV36 3TZ, Scotland, UK