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Design for Sustainability Design Studio and Case Studies

The role of the Design Studio and Case Studies in
the Design for Sustainability Curriculum

A meaningful thread that weaves through the four modules of the Design for Sustainability course is the work done on selected Case Studies. The objective of a case study is to practice the application of GEDS principles and develop design skills. It also facilitates the grounding and expression of course materials. The case study serves as an integrative exercise where participants explore the relationships between personal, social, ecological and economic sustainability.

All participants are invited to bring a potential case study that can be worked on and further developed collaboratively with other participants. Design teams are created around a number of case studies, that will be decided on early in the course. These may - but do not necessarily need to be - drawn from initiatives that participants are currently involved in.

Criteria for case studies are sent to participants upon registration for the course.

In the Social module, we create a group decision - making process that selects the projects that will be progressed in the Design Studio time. Four or Five projects will be chosen by the participant group.

Within every weeklong module, there is time for 'Design Studio' wherein key questions related to the themes of the modules can be explored - to deepen the learning, engage with practical applications and offer support to the selected project.

Participants who join us for only part of the whole course, will be assigned to a Design Studio group that most mutually benefits their learning and the groups' needs.

On the Friday afternoon of each module, the Design Studio groups present their thinking/ their solutions to the challenges raised in the design questions.

Click here for a glimpse of past case studies from a variety of EDE's.

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